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Search Tips

Enter your zip code or city if you would like to limit results to a specific area. To view services for all of Lorain County, leave this blank.

If you are looking for basic needs, click on Search Top 30 Services. This the easiest way to find a popular service such as food pantries, rent assistance or utility assistance.

screen shot
screen shot

From this screen, double click on the service you need. This will open up the search results including a map of where the services are located.

This list is arranged with the most referred to service at the top. You can reorder the list alphabetically in the top right hand corner.

Click on the location on the map to see additional detail. Also click on the underlined service to see more detail, such as eligibility criteria, fees and intake procedures. You can print the whole resource list or print, email or text detailed information about each resource after clicking on the underlined name of the service.

screen shot
screen shot

From the New Search Page you can also select Search List of Services. This will open the Search by Service Category screen. Click on any of the icons to search that category. In addition to service categories like Food and Housing, there are three population categories (Youth/Families, Seniors, and Veterans/Military) where you will find extra services for those population groups.

Click on any of the subcategories to see a list of services. In the example here, when you click on Food Stamps/WIC you see the services in that subcategory. If you are not sure what the service is, click on the question mark to see a definition of the service. Click on the service, such as WIC, to see agencies providing that service. The results will display on the map and each service can be viewed in more detail.

screen shot
screen shot

From the New Search screen you can also click on Search by Agency or Program Name or Search by Service Keyword. These searches work best if you already know the name of the agency or program or a service keyword. Enter just part of the agency name or a partial service keyword to find more results.

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